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6. Multiple excitatory and inhibitory neural signals converge to fine-tune Caenorhabditis elegans feeding to food availability
    Nicolas Dalliere, Nikhil Bhatla, Zara Luedtke, Dengke Ma, Jonathan Woolman, Robert Walker, Lindy Holden-Dye, Vincent O'Connor - 2015 - The FASEB Journal - PDF

5. Distinct neural circuits control rhythm inhibition and flow reversal by the myogenic pharynx of C. elegans
    Nikhil Bhatla, Rita Droste, Steven R. Sando, Anne Huang, H. Robert Horvitz - 2015 - Current Biology - MIT News - CB Dispatch - PDF

4. Light and hydrogen peroxide inhibit C. elegans feeding through gustatory receptor orthologs and pharyngeal neurons
    Nikhil Bhatla & H. Robert Horvitz - 2015 - Neuron - MIT News - PDF

3. Cytochrome P450 drives a HIF-regulated behavioral response to reoxygenation by C. elegans
    Dengke K. Ma, Michael Rothe, Shu Zheng, Nikhil Bhatla, Corinne L. Pender, Ralph Menzel, H. Robert Horvitz - 2013 - Science - PDF

2. CYSL-1 interacts with O2-sensing hydroxylase EGL-9 to promote H2S-modulated hypoxia-induced behavioral plasticity in C. elegans
    Dengke K. Ma, Roman Vozdek, Nikhil Bhatla, H. Robert Horvitz - 2012 - Neuron - PDF

1. Caenorhabditis elegans NPR-1-mediated behaviors are suppressed in the presence of mucoid bacteria
    Kirthi C. Reddy, Ryan C. Hunter, Nikhil Bhatla, Dianne K. Newman, Dennis H. Kim - 2011 - PNAS



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